NEWS: Wanna buy Steve Vai’s Carvin Legacy II?

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Psst! Wanna Buy A Used Amp?
Those attending select Alien Guitar Secrets Master Classes (dates below) will have the chance to purchase the VL2100 heads that Steve uses during the master class. There will be two VL2100 available for purchase after the show at the following locations:

– Sat Jun 20 – Tiel, HOLLAND: Twentietow
– Sat Jun 27 – Neustadt A.d. Aisch, GERMANY: Meinl Guitar Festival
– Tue Jun 30 – Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL: Culture Palace

For more information or to purchase in advance, contact VL2100 heads are available on a first come basis. Arrangements must be made prior to the master class and a non-refundable deposit of 50% must be submitted to guarantee the purchase. Purchase price is $1200USD/ea.

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CLICK HERE for more info on the Legacy II.