NEWS: Gibson Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates Les Paul Standard

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The Billy Gibbons ‘Pearly Gates’ Les Paul Standard

It’s finally here, and it’s bad to the bone. And now you can own it. Billy Gibbons’ favorite axe has always been his beloved Pearly Gates – a rare 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard with legendary angelic qualities. It has appeared on every track of every ZZ Top album to date, and sings with a “God-like voice” unlike any other guitar. And now, the master craftsmen at Gibson Custom have recreated it in excruciating detail – right down to the last scratch and ding. Gibbons’ legendary Pearly Gates – a rare 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard – is like no other guitar in the world, and now you can own a painstaking replica of this sacred instrument. Admit it; this is the artist model you’ve been waiting for. Now it’s here, so don’t wait any longer. There are three different models for you to choose from – all in very limited quantities. They won’t last long, so act now. The Billy Gibbons ‘Pearly Gates’ Les Paul Standard is now available. Find your nearest authorized Gibson Custom dealer and check it out.

Available Finishes

The Billy Gibbons ‘Pearly Gates’ Les Paul Standard will be produced in a very limited quantity of only 350 guitars – 250 will receive Gibson Custom’s patented V.O.S. finish, 50 will be aged to look exactly like the original Pearly Gates, and another 50 will aged and personally signed and played by Gibbons himself. We know … try and relax … take a deep breath. And remember, we’re not responsible for what happens when you actually play one.

Pricing & Options

Billy Gibbons Burst
Aged and Signed

Billy Gibbons Burst

Billy Gibbons Burst
Vintage Original Spec

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