NEWS: My playing is on!

Add this to the list of Cool Stuff I Find Out About First Thing In The Morning. Remember my DiMarzio Crunch Lab 7 and LiquiFire 7 review from last week? The great folks at DiMarzio liked the review and are now using the sound clips on the Crunch Lab 7 and LiquiFire 7 pages of their website. Go to and click the links for the individual pickups in the 7 string category (see the photo at the end of this post).

This is super ultra exciting because I’ve been using DiMarzio stuff since I was about 14. In fact, aside from various straps, switches and potentiometers, here’s my DiMarzio list:

Ibanez UV777BK – Blaze bridge, Blaze middle, Blaze neck
Ibanez Jem7VWH – Evolution bridge, Evolution middle, Evolution neck
Ibanez RG550 – PAF Pro in the neck
Ibanez RG370 – Tone Zone bridge, Evolution neck
Ibanez RG7620 – Crunch Lab 7 bridge, LiquiFire 7 neck
Ibanez RG7420 – Tone Zone 7 bridge, Blaze neck
Ibanez custom (not yet finished) – EJ Custom bridge, Solo Pro middle, EJ Custom neck

In my parts box I also have New 7 neck and bridge humbuckers (which were stock in my RG7620), a spare Blaze neck pickup, an Evolution 7 (which sounds cool but had to come out to make way for the LiquiFire!) and another PAF Pro.

DiMarzio LiquiFire & Crunch Lab pickups on Musician’s Friend