NEWS: Paul Gilbert demos the Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger

Just spotted this at Random Chatter Music: a page at Ibanez.com featuring Paul Gibert demoing his new singature Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger pedal.

Check out the samples here. You’ll hear several variations of the wild laser and whammy effects Paul conjures from his flanger pedal, as well as some more traditional flanger effects.

One Response to NEWS: Paul Gilbert demos the Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger

  • Jenn says:

    Oh wow… thanks for the link!

    *agreed* It's mind-boggling how many different subtle effects he can actually utilize on his songs. That's probably where some of the sonic flavor and texture comes from and why it's so dang hard to replicate some parts of his tone.

    I Heart Guitar remains a great blog — keep up the awesome work!


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