SUMMER NAMM: AxeTrak upgraded with movable microphone

I love my JLH Products AxeTrak. I use it for recording and reamping all the time and it sounds amazing. It allows me to crank my Marshall up to boiling point and record the results without getting evicted. Well check out this new upgrade to the AxeTrak. I think I might have to get me aother one!

JLH Products AxeTrak® Isolation Cabinet Allows for Adjustment of Microphone
July 20, 2009

This new version has all the features of the previous model plus one huge improvement. This model lets you adjust the microphone placement. That’s right; by simply turning a simple thumbscrew located on the top of the unit the user can alter the position and angle of the internal microphone. This added feature gives the user unlimited sound options and total control as to how they wish to record or mic their setup. We took our users suggestions seriously!!! From nice clean sparkly tones (on axis), to darker (off axis) tones, this unit does it all. The AxeTrak® does not use digital signal processing or amp modeling to create its tone. The main components of this device are a special high-end driver designed exclusively for this application and a custom designed cardioid microphone. These components coupled with a few other proprietary analog components produce an incredibly warm tone and natural feel.

This small revolutionary device provides a simple solution for any guitarist wanting to quietly record or mic their live guitar setup. Simply connect the speaker jack of your guitar amplifier to the input of the unit and from there to your mixer or recorder. The AxeTrak® does not run on batteries or need a power adapter. It is powered by the output of the amplifier. The 8-ohm input of the AxeTrak® can handle up to 75 watts RMS of overdriven power. It is also capable of recording incredible sounding clean guitar tones but at slightly lower volume levels. The XLR output connects to the impedance matching transformer if needed, and then directly to a recording console, mixing board, or computer soundcard.

The audible sound radiating from AxeTrak® is that of a whisper, while the recorded sound coming from the low impedance balanced output is pure cranked tone. This device enables any guitarist to record thick rock rhythms and screaming leads anytime day or night. The neighbors will never hear a thing. The AxeTrak® has the potential to revolutionize the way overdriven and distorted guitar tracks are recorded.

Price: $419.00

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