GUEST POST: Paul Gilbert on his new custom Ibanez Fireman

I saw this photo over at Paul Gilbert’s site today and I thought, what kind of investigative guitar journalist would I be if I didn’t try to find out some info about that cool new custom Ibanez Fireman? So I asked Paul if he’d contribute a few words about the guitar for I Heart Guitar, and here’s what he said:

I was thinking about Michael Anthony’s Jack Daniels bass guitar, and I thought, “Why don’t I have a guitar with MY favorite drink?”

My favorite Japanese sake is Kikusui Ginjo Junmai:

I took the color of the bottle and the designs on the label and designed a guitar around it. The knobs for the volume and tone are two bottle caps from the sake!

The guitar is STUNNING in-person. Ibanez did such a beautiful job making my idea into reality. And it sounds and plays great too. Of course, I played it on the MR. BIG reunion tour of Japan.

UPDATE: When I had a lesson with Paul in January 2010, I got to check out this guitar in person. See?

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  1. Heck, this Fireman design is stunning in pictures! Everything has harmony and balance. This is a very nice guest post, Peter; thumbs up to you for getting the info. :)

  2. That is the coolest Ibanez I've seen ;) Good find. I added your site to my blogroll and I'm sure our readers will really dig it much!!!

  3. That looks gorgeous. That PGMFRM1 looks like an incredible instrument and the pickups sounds really organic. I WANT I WANT I WANT !!!

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