NEWS: Pro Guitar Shop reviews Dunlop Fullbore Metal distortion

I’m probably as much of an MXR/Dunlop geek as I am an Ibanez geek. Just have a look at my pedalboard for proof (and this morning I ordered a Buddy Guy wah to replace my unwell Crybaby).

Now MXR has released the M-116 Fullbore Metal distortion. According to the Dunlop blog:

This compact but powerful device is all you need to unleash the most devastating contemporary metal guitar tones ever heard. The FullBore pedal turbo-charges your guitar signal with lethal amounts of ultra high gain. This is combined with a built-in Noise Gate to knock out the noise associated with extreme gain levels while also adding definition and tightness to syncopated metal riffs. Extensive EQ controls, with Bass, Mid, sweepable Mid-Freq and Treble knobs let you sculpt your tone with fiendish precision. The additional Scoop switch provides an instant high and low frequency boost that’ll rumble the room while also adding clarity.

Check out Pro Guitar Shop’s video demo and review.

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