NEWS: Truth In Shredding ‘Shred This’ competition

Head on over to Truth In Shredding and check out the Shred This competition! This is such a cool idea. Record a video of yourself playing over a pre-determined backing track, post it as a response to the competition video on YouTube, and you could win one of several killer prizes – not to mention being featured on an awesome website that puts my news gathering to shame!
Here’s some info:

1 Watch the video, get the backing track

2 Record a response video and upload to you tube

3 Complete this form:

4 Add your video as a response to the competition video

5 Promote your video!

6 WIN!


3rd: Vinnie Moore To The Core CD

2nd: Andy James 3 x DVD’s from his extreme guitar series, SIGNED!!!!

1st prize: $199 guitar foot pedal! MI Audio Tube Zone Overdrive Pedal