NEWS: Joe Perry on possible Oz tour, Steven Tyler’s recovery

Joe Matera, rock journo extraordinaire and guitarist for Geisha, spoke with Joe Perry of Aerosmith the other day. Joe Perry told Joe Matera the following, which he has provided to I Heart Guitar as an exclusive news item. Thanks Joe!


Joe Perry: “…I’m hoping to get down there [Australia] with The Joe Perry Project and play for our fans down there that have been waiting for forever and ever to hear us play.

Joe Matera: When do you expect that to happen?

Perry: Probably some time in the coming new year, as I don’t think Aerosmith are going to be working for awhile. So its going to give me enough time to do a tour of not only of the U. S, but we’re also going to try and cover every place we can play around the world.

Matera: How is the recovery process coming along for Steven [Tyler]?

Perry: From what I understand he is resting and his doctors will know in the next couple of weeks how well it is mending and if he is going to have surgery or not to help the bones knit. So there is a lot of waiting around as it takes awhile. Any time you have a bone that is cracked or broken, above your waist, it is hard to keep it still because you have to breathe you know. I’ve had cracked ribs before and I know how long it takes for those to heal because you have to breathe and your ribs are always moving. And so they have taped them up very tightly and its really uncomfortable and really painful and he’s trying to deal with all of that right now.

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