NEWS: VESICA VL neck for Strat

Have you seen VESICA Design’s stuff? They made waves recently with the Vesica Lead, a guitar which has a bunch of additional space on the fretboard so you can bend the high E string down towards the floor, the theory being that you can do some bitchen drone stuff and oblique bends that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Seems like a cool idea but I think it’ll take a bit of time and maybe a top-level endorser or two before it really catches on. Guitar players can be a conservative bunch, sometimes to our own detriment. I’d love to try one of these out some time. Hope they’re at NAMM in January.

Anyway, now you can buy a VESICA replacement neck for your Strat. Cool.

VESICA Design announces the VL Neck™ for Strat®
October 20, 2009

VESICA Design Inc. has introduced the VL Neck™ for Strat®, the bolt-on replacement neck for the Fender Stratocaster® that is a simple and cost effective way to expand the musical capabilities of your current guitar.

The VL Neck™ design was first introduced with the Vesica Lead™ electric guitar, now the VL Neck™ for Strat® provides the guitarist with the same expanded lead opportunities without any modifications to their existing guitar body.

The VL Neck™ for Strat® offers a semi-tone of outward bending capabilities in the upper register of the neck. This additional capability permits the inner strings to continue to produce sound while the outer strings are bending, a freedom of string movement designed for both traditional playing techniques and the creation of new licks, riffs and ultimately new music.

The VL Neck™ for Strat®


Maple VL Neck™
Rosewood fingerboard
Two-way action steel truss rod
22 medium frets: .092″ w .048??? c
Pre-drilled mounting holes
Clear satin polyurethane finish
Graph Tech nut

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