NEWS: Prototype Krank head on eBay

An original 100 watt Krank prototype amp head is listed on eBay at the moment, and visually it’s waaaaaaaay different to the killer Krank amps we know and love today.

Here’s an excerpt from the listing:

Lead channel provides tons of gain with Bass Treb, mid, presence and sweep and sounds similar to a JCM 800 with mods, Bogner or other vintage style botique amp. It also cleans up a bit if you back off on the gain and your playing.

Clean channel is similar to a older Fender with Bass and treb controls and a push pull bright switch.

2 Channel (standard 1/4 inch footswitch)

Built to last a long time ! Works and sounds great with no issues.

4 6CA7EH Power Tubes

Switchable impedance 4 8 16

This is a cool 100W 2 channel Guitar head that sounds great. If you like boutique style amps like Bogners, Soldanos and other names you will love the unique yet versatile sound of the lead channel on this amp. Rhythm channel is very clean and is similar to a Fender amp.

It was recently serviced by Tony Dow of KRANK and has a clean bill of heath.

This was one of the first Krank amplifiers and was hand built by Tony Dow about 10 years ago. The box (cabinet) is actually a Marshall JCM 800 2203 dummy that Tony got from George Lynch.

Sounds cool, huh?

CLICK HERE to see the amp on eBay.

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NEWS: Seymour Duncan Mick Thompson signature Blackouts

Here’s some cool news about a new signature pickup release by Seymour Duncan for Slipknot guitarist Mick Thompson. These new pickups are based on the Blackouts, which you can read about in my review of the Schecter C-1 BlackJack ATX.

Seymour Duncan Presents Mick Thomson’s signature Blackouts EMTY
November 09, 2009

Seymour Duncan announces the release of the latest addition to our popular Blackouts Humbucker series the Blackouts AHB-3 Thomson EMTY. Like its predecessors (The AHB-1 and AHB-2), the Blackouts AHB-3 EMTY provides distinctive, screaming metal tones, packing a serious mid-range punch, thicker, darker chords than other humbuckers and hard-hitting driving leads. The 9-volt active Blackouts are designed specifically for more aggressive playing styles including players using extreme low tunings. The EMTY takes it a step further, created to meet Mick Thomson’s personal specs and metal desires. Mick asked for tighter bottom, and more searing top end cut, and Seymour Duncan delivered.

The AHB series conveys a less compressed tone, with a more extended frequency response helping to cancel hum by using balanced inputs. Blackouts are up to 14dB quieter than any other active pickups, while producing more lows, more highs, and more output. Simply put, Blackouts have more tone than other active pickup. And players have noticed the benefits of the reduced hum, especially during recording. Thomson was already an avid fan of the Blackouts when he met Seymour Duncan Head of Artist Relations, Evan Skopp during a discreet backstage meeting at the 2008 Loud Park festival in Japan. Mick stayed involved every step of the way from the precise wiring configuration to the logo and printing on the pickup including his renowned “seven” imprinted right on the side of the cover. Now he depends on EMTY to execute his completely psychosocial tone that defines the Slipknot sound; because to play extreme metal, you need extreme metal tone.

AHB-3 Blackouts EMTY are available as Mick’s two-humbucker set, or in individual neck and bridge models to mix and match with other Blackouts and Livewires Classic II active pickups. All versions come with all necessary mounting hardware, including pots, jack, and a battery clip. For players with active pickups already installed, the EMTY can plug right into the quick connection harness, making it a snap to unplug the old pickup and plug in the new EMTY.

Magnet: Alnico V Bar (neck)/Ceramic with Steel Blade (bridge)
Resonant Peak
Bridge: 610Hz
Mid: 5
Treb: 5
Cable: Three Con. Shielded