NEWS: Huge Dean sale in Melbourne this weekend

Bolt Trading is no longer distributing Dean in Australia (don’t worry, a new distributor has been appointed – National Music.) so they’re selling their old stock this Saturday in Melbourne, with a whopping minimum 50% off.

Here are the details:

5-7 Vere Street, Collingwood (just off Wellington Street)

Saturday November 28
Over 350 instruments
Minimum 50% off
Doors open 10am
First come, first serve.
All inquiries:
Including Dimebag, Michael Schenker, Michael Angelo Batio and Dave Mustaine signature models
Guitars from $200-$8000

NEWS: New Steve Morse Band CD – Out Standing In Their Field

Just got this press release. I can’t wait to hear the album, but even more than that, I love a bad pun, and ‘Out Standing In Their Field’ is one of the baddest – in the best possible way!


~November 17, 2009~

For a musician as talented as guitar maestro Steve Morse, there are no boundaries between genres; there is only his unique sound. On November 17, The Steve Morse Band will release a new studio album Out Standing In Their Field via Eagle Rock Entertainment. This will also be released digitally on October 13.

Morse, who got his start in the Dixie Dregs in the 1970s, has enjoyed a fruitful career, earning himself a reputation as a “musician’s musician.” He’s spent the last sixteen years shredding for the legendary Deep Purple, in addition to fronting his own band. The release of Out Standing In Their Field will be the 12th album to date for The Steve Morse Band.

On this entirely instrumental album, Morse joins forces with bassist Dave LaRue and drummer Van Romaine to pound out un-tethered creativity. A multi-faceted blend of Morse’s influences, Out Standing In Their Field is a diverse sound spectrum, twisting together elements of rock, country, jazz, funk and classical. Unencumbered by lyrics, Morse’s guitar acts as a wailing, exploring siren, channeling emotion and raw power through the language of riffs. In addition to the ten brand new tracks boasted on Out Standing In Their Field, the band threw in an extra treat: a live recording of their song “Rising Power.” This bonus track invokes the goosebump-inducing power the Steve Morse Band conjures on stage.

Embarking on a North American tour with this new release, Steve Morse and his band have earned the right to be considered Out Standing In Their Field.

Eagle Rock Entertainment is an international media production and distribution company operating across audiovisual entertainment programming. Eagle Rock Entertainment works directly alongside talent to produce the highest quality programming output covering film, general entertainment and musical performance. Eagle Rock Entertainment has offices based in London, New York, Germany, France & Toronto.

Track Listing:
1.) Name Dropping
2.) Brink Of The Edge
3.) Here and Now and Then
4.) Relentless Encroachment
5.) John Deere Letter
6.) More To The Point
7.) Time Junction
8.) Unnamed Source
9.) Flight Of The Osprey
10.) Baroque ‘N Dreams
11.) Rising Power (Live)

COOL GEAR ALERT: Cherub Skull Guitar Tuner

Just got this email from the folks at Australasian Music Supplies. How cool! I must get one of these to throw in the guitar case to brutal-up my tuning routine.

The WST-711 Skull Tuner is the newest addition, automatic guitar and bass tuner to the Cherub range. It’s for guitar players looking to make a statement – not only with their music but with their equipment and accessories as well!

Features include a skull and crossbones display with two, dual coloured LED eyes that light up to help you tune. The teeth are numbered to display which string you are tuning.

Acting as a tuning meter, the eyes flash to indicate how close you are to the proper note. When the eyes flash slowly red you are almost in tune. The bones and eyes light green when you are in tune.

The WST-711 includes the latest tuning software that reduces the tuner response time to 30milliseconds.

Built in mic. Auto power off. Belt clip. CR2032 battery included.

Look for it in stores!