FEATURE: Megadeth’s album-art guitars

Chris Broderick’s cool new Megadeth Endgame Ibanez custom guitar (reported here last week) isn’t the first axe to feature Megadeth-themed album art. Since Megadeth’s return with The System Has Failed, Dave Mustaine and his co-guitarists have used a whole bunch of custom guitars from ESP/LTD, Dean and Ibanez.

Dave Mustaine

Here are a pair of Dean VMNTs with artwork from Rust In Peace and United Abominations, respectively.

Glen Drover

Glen’s tenure in Megadeth only lasted for one album and a few tours, but he sure used some cool custom-painted guitars in that time. Here we have a pair of ESPs (Countdown to Extinction and Peace Sells …But Who’s Buying graphics) and a Dean Vendetta with the United Abominations cover.

Chris Broderick

This is an off-the-shelf Ibanez S5470 with a custom hand-painted image taken from the booklet to Megadeth’s new album, Endgame. Chris told the Megadeth forum this one will be re-fitted with DiMarzio pickups.

Are there any more I’m missing? Let me know if you’ve seen any others out there!