This is the first in what will be an occasional series where I’ll dig out various artists that I think haven’t quite got the respect they deserve, or might just be a little underground. And who better to start with than The Tea Party? These Canadian rockers were popular in their home country and Australia, but couldn’t quite seem to get a leg up in the US. That’s a huge shame because they friggin’ rocked. Imagine the logical conclusion of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir crossed with Depeche Mode’s gothy moments, or maybe a more exotic version of Queensryche in the Promised Land era, and you get a bit of an idea of their general vibe. The Tea Party broke up in 2005 and frontman Jeff Martin now has a new band called The Armarda who are quite Tea Party-sounding (and check out his awesome solo stuff), but forgive my selfishness in hoping to see a reunion some day. I saw two Tea Party gigs and they were always an amazing live band, throwing in spontaneous covers and messing with arrangements.

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So here are my top 5 Tea Party songs:


The Bazaar

Sister Awake

Walking Wounded

Heaven Coming Down