NEWS: Billy Sheehan Australian clinic tour November 2009

Billy Sheehan is returning to Australia NEXT WEEK for a clinic tour. I haven’t seen any press at all about this one, so let’s spread the word! Retweet! Forward! Email! Shout!

And whoever’s responsible for publicising the tour, um… if I didn’t hear about it until I went to Billy’s Myspace today, and I’m a huge geek about this kind of stuff, uh… well… that’s not great.

Here are the dates:

11 Nov 2009 7:00
Bass Clinic in Perth, Autralia at Kosmic Sound and Light Perth, Western Australia

12 Nov 2009 7:00
Bass Clinic in Melbourne, Australia at Allan’s Music Melbourne, Victoria

13 Nov 2009 7:30
Bass Clinic in Canberra, Australia at Canberra Southern Cross Club Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

14 Nov 2009 1:30
Bass Clinic in Sydney, Australia at The Guitar Factory Sydney, New South Wales

15 Nov 2009 3:00
Bass Clinic in Townsville, Australia at Jupiters Breakwater Casino

Here are a couple of DiMarzio videos featuring Billy.

In this one he talks about discovering hammer-ons from under the shadow of Billy Gibbons’ cowboy hat.

And here he shares a secret trick about his unusual picking technique. This one’s pretty freaking amazing.

CLICK HERE to buy Billy’s new CD, Holy Cow, from