JUST BRAGGIN’: I Heart Guitar in Australian web archive, Jemsite recommended reading list

Just a little post about a few cool site developments recently. The first is that I Heart Guitar has been selected by the National Library of Australia in Canberra for permanent archiving. This especially tops out my Awesome Meter because my grandma on my dad’s side (I was too young to remember her when she passed away) used to work at the National Library. To access the archived version of I Heart Guitar, go HERE (although there’s really no need to right now since it’s all here on the site too – but it might be fun to look back on in a few years to see how things have changed).

Also, I Heart Guitar (and Guitar Noize) have been included in the Jemsite community’s new list of recommended sites. http://jemsite.com/topsites – head on over to vote for your favourites!