I’m in LA!

We (me, Mrs I Heart Guitar and our rambunctious 3-year-old) arrived in LA this morning for a 3-week Californian adventure. Blog updates will continue, especially from NAMM where I’ll be meeting with some big names and checking out a lot of cool gear – as well as meeting some awesome folks I’ve found via Twitter. I expect blogging will get back into swing tomorrow: I have some pre-NAMM press releases and more NAMM appearances to post.

If you’d like me to cover a particular product at NAMM (say, you wanna see what new 8-Strings are being released by whom, or you wanna know if that John Mayer Relic Strat is coming out this year), just email me and I’ll do my best to write a post on it from right there at NAMM.

And because images are fun, here’s a geeky tourist moment from today:

It’s the Whisky!