NAMM 2010: 50th Anniversary Jazz Bass

So who’s a sucker for a good Jazz Bass? I know I am. The only thing cooler than a Jazz Bass is a Jazz Bass with the big ‘ol bridge cover and block inlays. Well thanks a lot, Fender: you just made saving up for my next trip to the US so much more difficult by announcing the 50th Anniversary Jazz bass.


The Fender Jazz Bass guitar was first delivered to the world in 1960. If the Precision Bass® was a muscle car, the new Jazz bass was a sports car, and it proved incredibly popular with bassists of all styles worldwide.

Although remarkably unchanged since its introduction half a century ago, the Jazz Bass did see a very gradual succession of subtle design refinements over the course of the past five decades. Accordingly, our limited edition 50th anniversary Jazz Bass is a truly distinctive instrument in that it boasts design touches from several periods in Jazz Bass history, including ’60s-era lacquer finish, headstock logo, chrome bridge and pickup covers; ’70s-era thumb rest and bridge pickup positioning; and modern-era high-mass bridge and graphite neck support rods.

Comes in a deluxe black hardshell case containing cable, strap, polishing cloth and collectible 50th Anniversary Jazz Bass brochure.

2 Replies to “NAMM 2010: 50th Anniversary Jazz Bass”

  1. That looks incredible; I've never seen a better-looking Jazz. The price makes me wince, though – too rich for this college student, especially when a $600 USD Jaguar bass with some good pickups (say, Area Js) would sound just as good and give you more options for a lot less money. Ooh, now you've got me scheming . . .

  2. Hey Petie, can you do me a favour and smuggle one of those back from NAMM for me…..they look really cool

    One of the guys i worked with had late 60's mustang bass with racing stripes….i went around to house one day to have a look and he still had a strip of packing foam under the strings between the bridge and the pickups….

    He had been playing the bass in bands on and off for 30 years with the packing foam in and thought that his bass just didn't have any sustain. I took off the packing foam for him and he was amazed.

    He said "no wonder we struggled to get return gigs"

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