NAMM 2010: Guessing game: Whose guitar is this?

Here’s something ultra mega cool that I saw at NAMM the other day. It was rotating in a display case for added dramatic effect and so its Ultra Awesome could radiate from all sides. It’s the actual, real, totally legit, very instrument a certain megastar played. But which megastar? Let’s play a little guessing game. If you get it in 1, you’re a Metal Ninja. Get it in 2 and you’re an esteemed Rock Corporal. If it takes you to 3 you’re just plain run-of-the-mill Rad, and if you don’t know what it is by the time you see the final photo then you just plain suck. Sorry.

9 Replies to “NAMM 2010: Guessing game: Whose guitar is this?”

  1. It's Randy Rhoads' old "Concorde," the original custom model that is the progenitor of the RR series. And yes, I got it in 1.

  2. holy crap!!! it's the original concorde!!! must have been played by the man himself!!! lick the glass box!! OMG!

  3. I got it in one, but only because of the reflection in the glass.

    I can only guess, but with all those studded belts and what not, the tape's probably necessary to keep from scratching the back to hell.

  4. From what I heard, at that time, Sharon asked everyone before the concert started to remain unseen on stage. As Randy , like the others, turned his back to the crowd, the white parts of the guitar remained visible, so he put black tape on it so the colour couldn't be noticed.
    Great blog by the way, I'm addicted ;)

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