NAMM 2010: Ibanez Universe 20th Anniversary and Jem design contest

Here’s something super-cool for Ibanez geeks such as myself. Ibanez has announced it will run a contest to allow (what I assume will be) one lucky fan to design an Ibanez Jem model of their very own. RAD! More details will be announced soon. The contest will mark the 77,777th Jem guitar sold. This is in addition to the 20th anniversary Universe reissue, officially dubbed the UV77RE. Isn’t it pretty?

More info HERE, and check out Ibanez’s cool timeline of the different Jem and Universe models HERE.

One Reply to “NAMM 2010: Ibanez Universe 20th Anniversary and Jem design contest”

  1. I've already got one design, plus the wood combo (ash body, maple neck, ebony fingerboard) and pickups (Norton, Fast Track 1, FRED) selected. I am super excited about this contest, in case you couldn't tell. The JEM is pretty much the coolest thing Ibanez makes, and to have one that only I and Steve Vai owned would be truly epic.

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