NAMM 2010: Jerry Cantrell’s G&L Rampages

I took these shots at the G&L booth at NAMM. You’ll see the Tribute series Jerry Cantrell Rampage, along with some other tasty Rampage models, including the forthcoming Blue Dress reissue and, sweet lord, is that Jerry’s own actual Rampage on display? Y’know, the one that recorded dozens of classic Alice In Chains tracks? Or is it a replica? The whole relicing thing has become so well-honed these days that it’s kinda hard to tell! And check out the other models on display too. Can’t seem to dig up any info on if all of these will be available, or if they’re Jerry’s stage guitars on display, but they’re nice to look at, aren’t they?

Check out this G&L Rampage tour at NAMM by Premier Guitar. To be honest I haven’t even watched this myself yet cos I just found it and right now I’m trying to be mega quiet cos my son is trying to sleep a few feet away (I’m at a hotel in San Francisco right now) and I can’t get to my headphones without waking him up, but Premier Guitar always do awesome videos, and hey, maybe they answer the questions I asked earlier in the post! Bring on morning so I can find out for myself!

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  1. I imagine they're Jerry's actual stage guitars – if they were producing uber-accurate replicas, I'm sure we'd have heard about it. Plus, that doesn't really seem to be G&L's bag – seems to me that high-detail replicas of famous guitars are mostly done by the biggest companies as publicity pieces as much as real merchandise. That said, the Rampages are pretty righteous axes – I only wish they had more pickups! I've always wanted to try a Kahler-loaded axe, and the Rampage is a neat shape that evokes the Strat and Les Paul at the same time.

    I've been getting into AIC recently – they're quite an awesome band. I've been into bright guitar sounds for so long (Tele through AC30TB, anyone?), I'd forgotten that growly guitar sounds are cool, too.

  2. Yes, the guitars look really nice, It would be cool if I will have a chance to try one of them!

    I like the most the guitar shown in the 5th photo.

  3. Guitar number five is jerry's first guitar, I mean its actually his guitar. He let them borrow the guitar for the show.

  4. It was awesome seeing all of these killer axes in person at NAMM last weekend, couldn't get anough of the G&L gear and especially the Cantrell model. Thanks for posting your great pics!

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