NAMM 2010: Lady Gaga Heartbeats in-ear headphones

Ok, I know Lady Gaga’s not particularly guitar oriented, but dude, her vibe is totally metal. She dresses weird, she covers herself in blood, she freaks out the establishment – face it, she’s just Blackie Lawless. Anyway, one of the more interesting items on show at NAMM was this: The Monster Lady Gaga Heartbeats™ High Performance In-Ear Headphones.

Monster’s website says:

Sound and Fashion, All in One Incredible Headphone

Heartbeats are not only authentically and stylistically Lady Gaga, but sonically Dr. Dre. With club caliber bass, crystal clarity and power that lets you hear every essential note, no other headphone looks or sounds like Heartbeats.

Gots to agree with that – though I think I’d look pretty funny trying to look cool walking down Brunswick St in Fitzroy wearing these, or jogging along the Yarra in my trackies. Still, anything that promotes actually buying a good set of earphones for authentic sound reproduction is a good, good thing.

4 Replies to “NAMM 2010: Lady Gaga Heartbeats in-ear headphones”

  1. I've already got a nice purple set of Skullcandy in-ears, but honestly? I would wear the black set. And I agree, anything that promotes better-sounding music is a good thing. And you know what? As much as I love Paul Gilbert and Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin . . . I think Lady Gaga's music is fun. There, I said it. XD

  2. Awesome thing about Lady Gaga is that een though she kinda borrows melodies from other songs (you can hear bits of 'Take My Breath Away' by Berlin and 'Cars' by Gary Numan in 'Paparazzi,' f'rinstance), she steals GOOD melodies and presents them in unique ways. Plus you get the feeling she really fucking means it. I'm not against pop music at all, I'm just against its intentions sometimes – and she has good intentions.

  3. come on! lady gaga is the last gadget, mostly known for filling her video clips with as many advertisements as possible… same with this gadget here… please stick to guitars!

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