NAMM 2010: New pedals from Jim Dunlop and MXR

JC95 Jerry Cantrell wah

The Jerry Cantrell wah is based on the darker, wider-response wahs Jerry has favoured over the years (one particular favourite of his back in the day was the old Jimi Hendrix Crybaby, which is different to the one you can buy today). His signature pedal is custom-voiced for a tight, punchy heel-down tone, while a side-mounted control knob lets you fine-tune the toe-down frequency. It also has a bitchen road-worn oxidized brass casting with Alice In Chains tread which matches the pattern on some of Jerry’s new G&L signature guitars.

M148 Micro Chorus

The Micro Chorus is a reissue of the classic 80s pedal, using the original bucket brigade technology. A single Rate control is all you get but the pedal is voiced so perfectly that you really won’t need any further control range to access its classic sounds. The only change from the original is the addition of true bypass.

M152 Micro Flanger

Based on the MXR M117 Flanger, the Micro Flanger was originally released in the 80s and features only two controls: Rate and Regeneration. Like the Micro Chorus, the Micro Flanger features 100% analog bucket brigade technology, and it also features the addition of True Bypass. Cool!

CSP105 ’75 Vintage Phase 45

Yep, the rare Phase 45 is back! The little brother of the Phase 90 features has two stages of phasing, offering subtle sounds with hand-matched FETs and a hand-wired circuit board. It features a Carling switch, CTS pot and Switchcraft jacks. Oh and it’s limited-edition, so hurry up!

CSP202 Custom Comp

This Custom Shop compressor uses the rare CA3080 ‘metal can’ IC for increased dynamic range, greater transparency and quieter operation. It also includes RF supression components for interference-free operation, as well as an internal Attack control for fine-tuning the speed of the note’s initial attack.

ZW38 Black Label Chorus

The latest MXR Zakk Wylde pedal, the Black Label Chorus features a subtler delay than the MXR Stereo Chorus. It uses bucket brigade technology and has two outputs: Mono and Thru.