NEWS: Ibanez launches 12-string RG!

Huge thanks to Daniel for emailing me about this!

Hoshino has given in after many years of requests from German Ibanez distributor Meinl to build a 12-string Ibanez RG! Now, I suppose this will only be available in Germany for now, but who knows, if it’s popular enough and if word spreads far enough online, maybe it’ll prove to be profitable enough for Ibanez to make it into worldwide distribution.

Structurally the guitar appears to be based on the RG570 (albeit with a fixed bridge), with a humbucker/single/humbucker (Ibanez V7, S1, V8) configuration, 5-way switching, volume and tone controls, 24 frets and no pickguard. If the body wood is anything other than basswood I’ll eat my hat.

More info here.

4 Replies to “NEWS: Ibanez launches 12-string RG!”

  1. I hope no one buys this and people don't read my post (lol), because i've discovered that if you take an electric 12 string, remove the low 4th and 5th octaved strings, and tune the low E in 5ths (power chord), you essentially have the heaviest metal guitar on the planet. everything starts to sound heavy.

    Mastodon and High on Fire do this for a reason … and while it's still relatively unknown in metal circles, you can take advantage and beat the hordes of bands that will soon adopt this to the punch.

    My buddy has been hearing me talk about getting an agile 3100 12 string forever and he thought I was nuts, thinking it was, if anything, going to make things just sound, well, noisy, chorusy, bright and tinny … well, i let him borrow it … he's a believer … now i just need to pry it out of his hands.

    When you are playing fast metal and the open E is played as a single note because your hand is higher on the neck … well … using this method you are dropping power chords everywhere and the sound is so heavy, you simply have to try it. It's like being drop tuned but you are tuned standard.

    All my new material is no longer wo be played in drop C or drop D … i get the sanity of standard tuning, and the heaviness of drop tuning.

    my baritone 7 string is collecting dust … now i need a 14 string i guess. :)


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