STOLEN GUITAR ALERT: Kevan Geier’s Ibanez Universe

Got some sucky news today about the theft of a guitar belonging to someone who has contributed a huge amount to the guitar community in general and Ibanez geeks like me in particular.

“STOLEN GUITAR ALERT!!!! Kevan Geier’s (inventor of the Tremol-no) Ibanez Universe UV777PBK was stolen last night in California. The guitar is IMMEDIATELY recognizable due to the pearloid pickguard, Steve Vai signature on the back of the headstock, Tremol-No installed, and countersunk strap buttons. If you see this guitar online anywhere…, please contact Kevan immediately: Thanks.”

Thanks to Johan for the heads-up (you can read Johan’s guest post about attending a Jeff Loomis clinic here, by the way, and follow him on Twitter here).