VIDEO: Taylor’s new tremolo (plus video)

A couple of weeks ago I toured the Taylor factory and got to see these awesome guitars coming to life. One of my favourite things about Taylor’s current offerings, and one of my NAMM highlights, is their new tremolo, available on all of their SolidBody offerings. I spent a bit of time at NAMM checking out this trem and I was really impressed with how smoothly it operated. It kinda feels like a very well set-up Bigsby in terms of feeling substantial yet light at the same time, while giving the range of pitch-drop that you would expect in a standard two-point fulcrum design. And you can set it to float or to only go flat. Cool!


By the way, while I was checking out Taylor at NAMM, a jam started to develop and the folks at Share My Guitar happened to catch it on video. You can see and hear me playing some blues licks for a few seconds at the veeeeeeeeeeeery end of this video: