COOL GEAR ALERT: The Creamery Wide Range humbuckers

PRESS RELEASE:Jaime Campbell, who makes custom guitars & handwound pickups from ‘The Creamery‘, his workshop in Manchester has just launched some new designs of pickups based on the old Fender® Wide Range Humbucker and true to the original design.

In addition to a full-sized, direct drop-in replacement for those modern Fender® Wide Range Humbucker replacements I’ll be launching soon, I’ve designed a similar pickup to fit a standard humbucker size.

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NEWS: DVK pedals available in America

Remember my review of DVK Technologies pedals recently? Well these killer little units are now available in America!


DVK Technologies Aussie Stomp Boxes Invade America!

February 22, 2011, Santa Barbara, CA: Guitar FX pedal manufacturer DVK Technologies is now shipping the first four models in its new series of dual-function stomp boxes. Founded by Australian design engineer extraordinaire Craig Paine and pedal demo guru Brett Kingman (a.k.a. burgerman666 of the eponymous 3,000,000+ views YouTube channel), DVK Technologies specializes in pairing effects that guitarists often use in tandem.

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REVIEW: Hughes & Kettner Coreblade

The Hughes & Kettner Coreblade is quite unashamedly one thing: a metal amp. You can tell by looking at it [‘hell, you can tell by simply picking it up’ – Peter’s spine]and you can definitely tell when you plug in. An amp that can garner the approval of Annihilator’s Jeff Waters is nothing to be grunted at. So what’s under the hood of this metal-spewing monster?

The 100 watt Coreblade head packs a quartet of EL34 power tubes, known for their warm sound and open attack. Oh but if you’re more into the steely, punchy, tight vibe of 6L6CG power tubes, the Coreblade can hang with those too. The preamp section includes three 12AX7s and four modes – Clean, Drive, Ultra I and Ultra II – selectable via a 4-way rotary switch over on the far right. Travelling right to left, there’s a Boost switch then Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Resonance (for fine-tuning low end), Presence (for the high end) and Volume controls.

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