I’ve been using ProTools for years now and there have been all sorts of updates in that time, some minimal, some sweeping, but none so big as the behemoth that is ProTools 9. Along with the recently-released new Mbox line, ProTools 9 redefines ProTools and does away with the old LE level of software altogether. The most revolutionary, or perhaps evolutionary, aspect of ProTools 9 is that you no longer need to hook up an Mbox or a ProTools M-Powered unit to run the program. That’s a first for this series, and it’s something users have been asking for ever since ProTools first came out. For folks like you and I that means we can now drag our laptops around to edit audio in ProTools without having to lug our Mbox as well – all you need is your computer and your iLok with your ProTools licence. ProTools 9 will run standalone on Avid hardware, or on third-party audio interfaces, and it includes an enhanced feature set including automatic delay compensation, higher track counts, EUCON open Ethernet protocol support, which allows users to include Avid’s Pro Series and Artist Series controllers and consoles. Oh and get this: there are no feature or functional differences between ProTools HD 9 software and ProTools 9 software with the added Complete Production Toolkit 2 option.

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Hey, what happened to I Heart Guitar?

Yeah, sorry about that. I was trying to install a lovely new plugin that would make the site super-awesome, and, well, some stuff went wrong. Bad stuff. Site should be back to its full glory again by Saturday. Those of you with blogs back up regularly too, right?

In the meantime, why don’t you check out my latest article on, in which I speak to Bryan Beller, Razl and Steve Turner about the wonders of electronic collaboration?