NEWS: Warrant signs with Frontiers


Frontiers Records is proud to announce the signing of Warrant, one of the most popular and successful American hard rock bands to come out of the Los Angeles musical scene. The band is currently in the studio recording a brand new album under the direction of Keith Olsen (Scorpions, Whitesnake and Night Ranger). The album tentatively titled “ROCKAHOLIC” is scheduled for a May 2011 Worldwide release.

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E-Mailing it in – Creative Collaboration In The Digital Age

Computers have transformed the music industry, from downloads to autotune. And they can be used to bring artists together to collaborate in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Online collaboration is not simply the domain of famous artists sending files to each other via Wi-Fi from the tour bus. As revenue from CD sales contracts, many artists from all corners of the industry are turning to a new kind of session work to supplement their income, and this means that you too might be able to secure a renowned professional for your next recording project – even if your name is not Clapton or Santana. Let’s look at three players who have been involved in such collaborations: Bryan Beller, Razl and Steve Turner.

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