I just stumbled across this site through a news story on, a place for you to buy, sell or trade your metalabilia. The site also offers the ability to promote your band to other like-minded metalheads. It seems like a very cool idea and I’m gonna sign up so I can find me some sweet, sweet metallic rarities (oh and also I need to buy Black Sabbath’s Cross Purposes on CD cos I only have a low-quality ripped MP3 version from when my brother and I were living together and shared our CD collections way back when. Maybe I’ll find it on HeavyMetalBay!).

Here’s some info from the site:

Welcome to Heavy Metal Bay, a website created exclusively for the worldwide metal community.

Here you can buy, sell, and auction – or simply browse – a whole load of kick-ass heavy metal items. This is also the place to communicate and gossip with your fellow metal maniacs, as well as see when heavy bands are playing,  latest tour dates,  or even promote your own band on Heavy Metal Bay.

Always wanted that jacket? Haven’t been able track down that last metal album to complete your collection? Always been searching unsuccessfully for that long out-of-print picture disc from 1985? Or perhaps you’d like to sell your guitar and buy a make used by your favourite band. Whatever metal blows your mind, straight metal music, gothic, doom or death metal, use Heavy Metal Bay to keep on the heavy side.

Whether you want to buy or sell recorded music (CDs, albums or DVDs) as well as cool shit to make heavy metal music with (guitars, bass, amps and keyboards), or metal-worthy jewellery, books, posters and magazines, Heavy Metal Bay is THE online auction for you to trade and acquire the wickedest heavy gear – both old and new. .

Now you have the chance to complete your metal collection, meet fellow headbangers, and get your band’s name out there with your go-to metal site, Heavy Metal Bay.

Only enter these deeply dark portals if you are a true heavy metal music lover!

Metal is forever. Rock on!