NEW GEAR DAY: Planet Waves Varigrip

I picked up a Planet Waves Varigrip the other day. It’s a neat little device that allows you to strengthen your fingers when you’re away from the guitar, and it’s designed so you can do all sorts of different exercises for different parts of the hand and fingers. It even has a callous builder. I really wish I had this when I was overseas earlier this year and didn’t have a guitar with me. Those first few days back after not really playing for almost a month were murder on my fingers!


[geo-out country=”Australia” note=””]CLICK HERE to buy the Planet Waves Varigrip Hand Exerciser from Musician’s Friend.[/geo-out]

3 Replies to “NEW GEAR DAY: Planet Waves Varigrip”

  1. Nice. I have one of the older red handgrips. I should break that baby out again. Between habitual use of it and massaging young ladies’ shoulders, I used to have pretty strong hands.

    That’s a pretty metal wristband, too. Reminds me of one of the Dunlop BMF guitar straps.

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