has a great interview with Megadeth’s David Ellefson by Mitch Lafon (follow Mitch on Twitter here) in which Junior talks about switching to Hartke (and back to Jackson), the legacy of the Big 4, plans for the next Megadeth album, his Rock House Method instructional DVDs and more. Here are a couple of snippets. You’re currently doing bass clinics with ANTHRAX’ Frank Bello.

David Ellefson: “Yeah, it’s cool because Hartke amplifiers has been a really big supporter for me. I started using them as far back as the Peace Sells tour and I’ve turned back to my weapons of choice which is the Jackson bass and the Hartke amplifiers. I did some clinics for Hartke while I was out on the Jagermeister tour and Frank Bello just came on board with Hartke, so I thought it was a really cool idea that during our down time that Frank and I go out and do some clinics together. The Big 4 thing has become the anchor between the four bands now. We’ve really put a name to our community and I think that anytime any of us do things together whether it’s the SLAYER/Megadeth Carnage tour, the Slayer/Anthrax/Megadeth Jägermeister tour, Frank and I doing bass clinics or all four of us getting onstage as the Big 4 again… More than ever we’ve become so tightly knit as a community of thrash metal right now and anything that we can do together as either pieces of the big machine or as the big machine itself is great for the fans and great for empowering the movement.” Finally, the website is Is there anything else?

Ellefson: “There are some in-store signings coming up with Chris Broderick for Jackson guitars. I think that’ll be announced next week. I just did a signature deal with Jackson basses and Chris just did a signature guitar with Jackson. We did not do those deals together. Those were two separate deals. One day, I asked Chris, ‘what are you thinking of for guitars’ and he said ‘I’m really happy with Jackson.’ I was shocked because I didn’t even know he was talking to them. It was kind of cool how that all worked out. Jackson is a big part of the Megadeth legacy.”

Read the full interview here.