Check out this new release from Lick Library, featuring Andy James and focusing on Dream Theater and the very nearly impossible fretboard skills of John Petrucci. What a killer song selection too!


Lick Library Releases Jam With Dream Theater Double DVD

Lick Library has just released the ultimate shredding guitar tuition DVD with the launch of Jam With Dream Theater. This is a double DVD guitar tuition set, with Andy James taking you through the intricacies of some of the world’s most skilled guitar playing, all in the style of John Petrucci and Dream Theater, the award winning progressive rock band.

Dream Theater’s guitarist John Petrucci is well known for his fast riffs, technical wizardry, and precise execution. John was named one of the ‘Top 10 Greatest Guitar Shredders Of All Time’ by GuitarOne magazine, and in 2009 he was the number two best metal guitarist by Joel McIVer in his book ‘The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists’.

Jam with Dream Theater (RRP £27.99) Double DVD set shows you how to play seven tracks that span more that a decade (1992 TO 2009) of Dream Theater music.  From the classic Images and Words album, this new DVD features a guitar lesson onPull Me Under, widely considered to be Dream Theater’s most well known song and also Under A Glass Moon.

The DVD then takes a look at the only instrumental, from the third album Awake,Erotomania followed the tracks Fatal Tragedy ( Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes From A Memory ), As I Am (Train Of Thought )and Wither (Black Clouds & Silver Linings ). Finally the DVD features a guitar lesson on Constant Motion from the Systematic Chaos album which is well known for its various complex time changes.

Andy James, a well respected guitarist and teacher is well placed to take you through these challenging guitar parts, as he explores the demanding rhythms and solos of John Petrucci. Techniques that are explored include alternate picking, sweeping and legato. Andy takes you through the solo’s melodic structures step by step, breaking them down into easy to understand and replicate sections.

In addition to the two DVD’s there is a CD with the seven backing tracks for you to play along to. This CD has a real live band feel to it with renowned drum teacher Pete Reilly on drums and the astonishing bass player Andy Staples.

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