NEWS: Line 6 sells millionth Spider amp

Line 6 has just passed a huge milestone for its Spider line of amps, racking up a cool million in sales since the little bruiser was launched in 1999. I have a bit of a soft spot for Spider amps, particularly for big metal and shred tones, and although I don’t own one I’ve found them to be very reliable and versatile on the many occasions when I’ve reviewed one, played through one at a jam or tested a guitar through one at a store. It seems I’m not alone, as a million folks have taken a Spider home with them.


—A million Spider guitar amplifiershave been sold, marking a major achievement for the line of amps that made “digital modeling” a household phrase—
CALABASAS, Calif.—March 15, 2011—Line 6, Inc.(, the industry leader in digital modeling technology for music-creation products, announced today that it has sold more than one million Spider® digital modeling guitar amplifiers worldwide.
“Obviously, we’re thrilled by the achievement and flattered that so many guitarists have chosen to rely on Spider amps for their tone,” remarked Marcus Ryle, Line 6 co-founder and svp of new business development.  “A decade ago Line 6 was the little amp company that could.  Now, thanks in large part to the major success of Spider IV, one the most recent additions to the Spider family, we have this incredible reason to celebrate.”
Recent generations of Spider amplifiers feature the bestselling formula of Line 6 amp models, generous collections of effects and unmatched sonic flexibility.  This combination is so successful that between 2007 and 2010 more guitarists purchased Spider amps than any other type of guitar amplifier.*
Spider guitar amps debuted in 1999 with six amp models, seven effects, 10 presets and the choice of 1×12, 2×10 or 2×12 speaker configurations.  Today the Spider line has grown to include Spider Valve™ MkII (a family of tube amps co-designed with tube guru Reinhold Bogner), Spider Jam™ (a top-selling jam-along amp that features backing tracks performed by famous musicians) and Spider IV (an amp family full of #1-sellers).
Spider IV 30 is the #1-selling 30-watt guitar amp in the US, Spider IV 75 is the #1-selling 75-watt guitar amp in the US and Spider IV 120 is the #1-selling 2×10 guitar amp in the US. Spider IV 15 was the breakout hit – it became the #1-selling guitar amplifier in any category in the US.**
Spider IV guitar amplifiers have many unique aspects.  One of which is access to huge collections of presets that were either dialed in by popular guitarists or inspired by them.  Celebrated bands and artists including Slipknot, Coheed & Cambria, Johnny Marr and others handcrafted their own presets and saved them into most Spider IV amplifiers.  Another is USB connectivity via Line 6 FBV™ MkII foot controllers.  This connection allows the user to edit and organize their tones with Spider Edit software, and trade tones at
Line 6 continues to make guitar amplifiers that are as cutting edge today as the original Spider amplifier was in 1999, and looks forward to celebrating more milestones.
*Based on MI SalesTrak® 2007 – 2010 reports.
**Based on MI SalesTrak® 2010 reports.
About Line 6, Inc.
Based in Calabasas, California, Line 6 is a leading manufacturer of guitars, amplifiers, effects, effect processors, recording interfaces and digital wireless systems.  The company is world renowned for its studio- and stage-standard gear featuring its patented amp and effect modeling and digital wireless technologies.  Line 6 invented digital guitar amp modeling technology in 1996 and is currently the #1 maker of guitar amplifiers.  Its award-winning products are used by musicians worldwide and have been featured on countless platinum and Grammy® award-winning titles.  Line 6 is distributed in over 60 countries with operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, China and Japan.  For more information, visit