Be My Guest: The Top 10 ‘Guest’ Guitar Solos

Here’s my latest for The Top 10 ‘Guest’ Guitar Solos. If you have any other favourites, go ahead and add them to the comments section on Me, my personal favourites include John Petrucci’s guest turn on Marty Friedman’s “Black Orchid” and Steve Vai’s solo on Devin Townsend’s “Triumph.”

10. Spinal Tap, “Break Like the Wind”

Soloists: Slash, Steve Lukather, Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck

After a somewhat… clumsy solo from Nigel Tufnel during the title track from Spinal Tap’s 1992 album (at the time bass player Derek Smalls told Guitar World it was a “reinsertion” rather than a reunion), the unbeatable quartet of Slash, Lukather, Satriani and Beck arrive to put the song back on track. None of these four guests was a stranger to the odd classic guest solo spot, but their appearance on the track was something of a surprise to Tufnel, who told GW, “I walk in and see on the board, from left to right, ‘Neve’ [the name of the board], then Beck, Satriani, Lukather, Slash. I thought it was a send-up.” However, Tufnel had the good grace to concede that the track “turned out good.”

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REVIEW: Ibanez Jemini Steve Vai signature distortion pedal

Steve Vai’s ears are a very demanding pair of fellows indeed. In addition to holding on a parade of stylish sunglasses over the years they’ve been at least partially responsible for some of the coolest distortion tones in recorded history. “Bad Horsie.” “Erotic Nightmares.” “Building The Church.” The dude knows tone. With the Ibanez Jemini, Dr Vai is seeking to redefine the humble distortion pedal for the needs of modern guitarists, who tend to achieve distortion a little differently to players of 25 years ago (when everyone used an ADA MP-1 into the effects return of a Marshall JCM900) or 35 years ago (Marshalls cranked up to 10). Modern guitarists often layer different kinds of distortion together, or they seek pure preamp-type gain. The Jemini has you covered either way.

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MUSIKMESSE 2011: Blackstar HT-5 reboot

The HT-5 was the amp that really kickstarted it all for Blackstar. This year they’ve given the line a reboot with a bunch of cool new features. Check it out!


Blackstar Amplification (Halle 4.0, Stand C40) is extending their popular HT-5 line of all-tube amplifiers to include three new models equipped with a stereo digital reverb. Additional enhancements have also been made.

The new, innovative HT-5R combo and HT-5RH head offer real tube sound in a compact format. While the preamp uses a traditional 12AX7 tube, the power section uses the dual-triode 12BH7 tube wired in a push-pull circuit. This configuration produces the crunch and break-up characteristics of a traditional 100 Watt amp, delivering a sound rich in tube harmonics and compression even at the lowest volume levels.

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MUSIKMESSE 2011: Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeler

Here’s another cool offering from Line 6 in addition to the POD HD Desktop.



— A single stompbox with over 100 guitar effects that will supercharge your pedal board

CALABASAS, Calif.—April 5, 2011—Line 6, Inc.(, the industry leader in digitalmodeling technology for music-creation products, announced today the launch of M5 Stompbox Modeler, a portable and powerful multi-effectthat gives guitarists access to a comprehensive collection of historic stompbox tones in the space of a single stompbox.

M5 is a compact, professional-grade, super-easy super-stompt hat will provide access to over 100 coveted guitar effects in the footprint of a standard pedal, running effects one at a time, just like the classics pedals that inspired it.

“M5 Stompbox Modeler will become the secret weapon on your pedal board” remarked Mike Murphy, Category Manager for POD and Effects Products at Line 6.  “It channels the souls of over a hundred modern and vintage stompboxes into a single pedal, giving you the ability to completely transform your rig with this one stompbox.”

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—    The next generation of iconic “bean”-shaped direct-recording effects processorsfeatures HD amp modeling, over 100 M-class effects and an essential array of ins and outs —

CALABASAS, Calif.—April 6, 2011—Line 6, Inc.(, the industry leader in digital modeling technology for musicians, announced today POD® HD desktop multi-effect, the latest addition to the award-winning family of POD products.

“POD HD will add the truly exceptional tube-like tone and feel of new HD amp modeling to the classic POD benefits of convenience, simplicity and flexibility,” remarked Michael Murphy, Category Manager for POD and Effects Products at Line 6.  “Plus, POD HD will feature over 100 M-class guitar effects and ins and outs that are perfect for any project studio.”

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