NEWS: Lick Library ‘Jam With Black Sabbath’ DVD


Lick Library Unleashes ‘Jam With Black Sabbath’ Guitar Tuition DVD

Further extending its metal collection, Lick Library unleashes Jam with Black Sabbath into the world. This double DVD and CD set features the nimble fingers of Danny Gill taking you through all the fine points of playing the guitar with that deep, heavy sound synonymous with Tony Iommi.

One of the first and most influential heavy metal bands, Black Sabbath helped define the genre with albums like the quadruple platinum Paranoid. MTV ranked them as the ‘Greatest Metal Band’ of all time and Tony Iommi is widely recognised as one of the most important and influential guitarists in the heavy metal world. Along with legend Jimmy Page he is credited with pioneering the mammoth riffs of heavy metal.

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NEWS: Tea Party reunite!

The Tea Party  – Jeff Martin, Jeff Burrows and Stuart Chatwood – will get back together in July to play a few gigs, including Big Music Fest III and Rogers Bayfest.

The Tea Party will play with INXS and Theory Of A Deadman at Big Music Fest on July 2, and at Rogers Bayfest on July 9. Other acts to play during Bayfest include KISS (July 6), Steve Miller Band (July 8), The Tragically Hip (July 10), Trace Adkins (July 15) and Lady Antebellum (July 16).

There’s a Tea Party Facebook page here.

Tea Party singer/guitarist Jeff Martin’s new band, Jeff Martin 777, just released their debut album. Read my review here.

CD REVIEW: Mastodon – Live At The Aragon

Mastodon’s 2009 album Crack The Skye is a modern metal classic – heavy, melodic, at times psychedelic, at times progressive. It finds Mastodon in fine form, fine-tuning the twin-guitar attack and multiple-vocalist approach of earlier albums. Mastodon played the album in its entirety live across the world over the following year, and this live set is taken from a show at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago.

The CD portion of the album features all of Crack The Skye as well as “Circle Of Cysquatch,” “Aqua Dementia,” “Where Strides The Behemoth,” “Mother Puncher” and Melvins cover “The Bit.” The performances are much more raw than the tidier approach on the album, and at times the vocals suffer a little bit, but props to the band for keeping these raw takes intact rather than polishing them up. The mix is pretty raw too, and it all somehow works, presenting a slightly different angle of the band compared to the polished, psychedelic mindfuck of Crack The Skye.

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NEWS: Zakk Wylde to rock American Idol

Now this I gotta see. Zakk Wylde will be on American Idol tonight performing with James Durbin. I’m not sure what they’re gonna play but it’s sure to be heavy and laden with many a pinch harmonic. Will they do an Ozzy or Sabbath song? Or something else? Tune in to find out! [EDIT: The performance just happened and they played “Heavy Metal” by Sammy Hagar. Vote for James and Zakk here!]. Zakk tried to get on Dancing With The Stars recently but didn’t make the list – maybe this’ll push him over the edge for next season.

Durbin tweeted from rehearsals: “Who’s ready? Hurt my knees during rehearsal..but nothing will stop me from doing my best for you! LET’S ROCK N ROLL!!!!! \m/” You can follow him on Twitter here.

Check out my most recent interview with Zakk here.