Be My Guest: The Top 10 ‘Guest’ Guitar Solos

Here’s my latest for The Top 10 ‘Guest’ Guitar Solos. If you have any other favourites, go ahead and add them to the comments section on Me, my personal favourites include John Petrucci’s guest turn on Marty Friedman’s “Black Orchid” and Steve Vai’s solo on Devin Townsend’s “Triumph.”

10. Spinal Tap, “Break Like the Wind”

Soloists: Slash, Steve Lukather, Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck

After a somewhat… clumsy solo from Nigel Tufnel during the title track from Spinal Tap’s 1992 album (at the time bass player Derek Smalls told Guitar World it was a “reinsertion” rather than a reunion), the unbeatable quartet of Slash, Lukather, Satriani and Beck arrive to put the song back on track. None of these four guests was a stranger to the odd classic guest solo spot, but their appearance on the track was something of a surprise to Tufnel, who told GW, “I walk in and see on the board, from left to right, ‘Neve’ [the name of the board], then Beck, Satriani, Lukather, Slash. I thought it was a send-up.” However, Tufnel had the good grace to concede that the track “turned out good.”

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3 Replies to “Be My Guest: The Top 10 ‘Guest’ Guitar Solos”

  1. I don’t normally comment on posts like these, but honestly, I stopped reading once we hit john mayer.

    Mayer *murdered* that beat it solo, his guitar is out of tune with the rest of the band, and his tone is so drastically differently produced that honestly, I’d be MORE shocked to find out he’d been in the studio with them, than if he’d just phoned it in after making a half assed attempt to learn the solo, and then gone “Good enough”.

    Utter rubbish, can’t believe it made a top ten list of any kind. Bottom ten maybe…

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