COOL GEAR ALERT: Perri Ink. Guitars

What’s more fun than customising your axe with top-shelf components? Why, starting your own company and building guitars with all that neat stuff already built in, of course! Nick Perri, lead guitarist for Shinedown, Perry Farrell, Silvertide, Matt Sorum and now SINAI, has done just that with Perri Ink. Guitars. Check it out, and follow Perri Ink. Guitars on Twitter.




MARCH 23, 2011 – PHILADELPHIA, PA — Nick Perri, the internationally recognized lead guitarist for such bands/artists as Shinedown, Perry Farrell, Silvertide, Matt Sorum, and his own recently assembled, SINAI, announced via his Twitter feed that as of today, his company, PERRI INK. LLC, will start selling boutique, handmade guitars under the brand name, Perri Ink. Guitars.

Drawing on his own personal experience wielding hundreds of guitars throughout his career, Perri has personally designed both the Protostar® and Solostar® models with features he’s both enjoyed and desired as a rock musician for more than a decade.

Each guitar is handmade and built-to-order, with the kind of time and attention to detail that’s rare in the modern musical instrument industry. Furthermore, Perri has consulted with top musicians, engineers and other designers to create a product line that is unique, classic and well-suited for any guitarist across the professional or amateur spectrum.

Perri cites his search for the perfect instrument, and the continued support of his global fan base, which routinely asks him where they can acquire the kinds of guitars he plays, as the inspiration for this next entrepreneurial move.

“I have owned lots of guitars over the years, and built and destroyed many of them,” Perri said, in a statement on his website. “But this time I am setting out with the confidence and knowledge of what really works, not what people have tried to sell me.”

The Protostar® model is available now directly from The Solostar® model is slated for its release in May. Each guitar comes with a signed and dated certificate of authenticity that ensures both build quality, and a personal setup by the rocker himself.

According to Perri: “Both the Protostar and the Solostar feature an array of high-fi and forward thinking ideas, yet they have been molded into a traditional package that is sure to grab both fans of past and future guitars.”

Perri, the co-frontman and lead guitarist for the rock band, SINAI, plans to expand his brand’s reach by placing his guitars in the hands of some of the best touring musicians in his phone book, but not before introducing the instrument himself. The guitar made its official debut last week when Perri and his band took the stage in Austin, TX for this year’s South By Southwest festival.

With orders already lining up, Perri Ink. Guitars looks to be another exciting new venture from this musical star.

“These guitars are built to last. Period,” Perri said. “The proof is in the process. They are unparalleled and built to serve you, the artist, whenever and wherever you go.”