MUSIKMESSE 2011: Three new Ibanez X Series models

Check these out! It’s about time Ibanez came out with some more cool shapes to complement the awesome Xiphos. These new axes – the Halberd, Falchion and Glaive, all feature Ibanez’s CAP Active LZ10 humbuckers.

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The HALBERD’s body design is inspired by the flow curves. Not only beautifully lined, the body is also functional. It offers easy access to high frets, a sleek, body-fitting back contour, and great balance, all which lead to excellent playing comfort. The original CAP active pickups in both neck and bridge positions create massive, full-bodied tone. The headstock design is based on the legendary Ibanez Iceman with an additional cut to sharpen it up. Among all the X-series models, the HALBERD is suited to a broad range of music due to its appearance and hard-tail bridge/tailpiece. Available colors are “LUNA SHADOW (LSH)” and “MARS SHADOW (MSH)”, which highlight the beautiful contrast between the body outline and contour.

“A goal of ergonomic design” would describe the FALCHION the best. The FALCHION is recommended for those who seek identity, because this shred machine has a striking and unforgettable look. However, you will never be able to tell how comfortable it is to play from its extreme appearance. The Ibanez original Edge III double locking tremolo guarantees tuning stability even under aggressive tremolo use. The original CAP active pickups are mounted for heavy, yet easy to control, sound. Available colors are “BLACK FLAT (BKF)” for the classic metal vibe, and “Red Iron Oxide (RIX)”, where the red burst finish emphasizes the body shape.

Despite its demonic appearance, the GLAIVE will surprise you with its solid form and comfortable ergonomics. Its high-performance playability works perfectly for young musicians longing for an extreme shaped axe. The killer tone, with roaring low end, comes from the CAP active pickups mounted in both neck and bridge positions, along with the string-through-body construction. Available colors are the glossy “DARK NIGHT BLACK (DNK)” and the pure “SNOW WHITE (SWW)”. The GLAIVE will satisfy XH300-LSH your need for aggressive style and sound.