The previously advised Metal Health 2011 tour of Australia and New Zealand which was to feature LA Guns (the Phil Lewis version), Warrant and Quiet Riot is now renamed the Sex Action tour featuring LA Guns (still the Phil Lewis version), Defryme (on the Aussie leg) and some other yet-to-be-announced band(s). For a while there The Stick People, the new band of ex Queensryche guitarist Mike Stone, was booked to appear but they’ve just pulled out. Everyone who bought a ticket is entitled to one free ticket in addition to the one they bought, so bring yer friends and rock out and junk. I’ll be at the Melbourne show so if you see me come up and say hi!

For the latest line-up info check out the Intense Impact Facebook – the website is a little out of date as it still says Quiet Riot and Warrant are coming.