Check out this press release and batch of photos of Paul Gilbert and his beloved Bullet Cable-connected pedal board from the current Mr. Big tour. Nice to see that even the great Pablo Gilberto does his own pedalboard setups!


LOS ANGELES, CA–Paul Gilbert, guitar virtuoso, will be traveling around the world during the Mr. Big Tour, which officially started on April 2, 2011, shredding with original line-up band members, Eric Martin, Billy Sheehan, and Pat Torpey. The day before the tour, Paul invited Bullet Cable designer, Ted McCann, to the practice studio where gear preparations were being finalized so that the two of them could re-wire Paul’s pedal board with the promise of cleaner tone and signal enhancement to his gear. Using solder-less connectors and DIY Bulk Cable, developed by Bullet Cable.

Paul Gilbert wiring his pedal board. (Scissors used to cut velcro. Not recommended for cutting cable)

Bullet Cable DIY Connectors, engineered DIY Bulk Cable, and the new SLUG plugs require no special tools other than a razor edge knife and a standard 2 mm hex key (a staple in most guitar tool kits).


Paul Gilbert Video:  Talking about his pedal board set-up and the solder-less custom cords by Bullet Cable

Most recently, Paul Gilbert wrote to Bullet Cable to tell them of the progress of the tour and his board.

“The patch cables are working great!”

His pedal board explained:

Set Up:

Tuner –> Airplane Flanger –> MXR Phase 90 –> Fuzz Universe –> Lehle Splitter.
Splitter–> Detox EQ (which goes out to distorted amp),
Splitter also –> HBE CPR Compressor (which is always on), –> flanger (which goes to clean amp).

Connect them and maximize the set up: DIY Cable, DIY Connectors (.44 chrome solderless plugs), and SLUG angle and straight connectors.  All available through Core One