NEWS: Mustaine & Spitz, Glee, Def Leppard lullabies, Walker Brothers

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‘Ssup. Here are my latest news stories for The Megadeth story has a little unused snippet from an interview I did with Dave Mustaine for Mixdown magazine in November 2010.

Megadeth, Ex-Anthrax Guitarists Form New Band

Glee Producer Starts His Own Label

Def Leppard Guitarists Record Lullaby Album

Walker Brothers’ John Walker Dies

Rebel Without A Cause: The Gibson MIII

This week my feature is about the Gibson MIII, one of the coolest guitars I’ll probably never get my hands on. I’ve coveted this model from afar for, I kid thee not, 20 years (jeez, am I that old? No. No, I must have a time machine). In fact, it was the very first Cool Guitar They Don’t Make Any More I ever wrote about.

Here’s a sample:

The early 1990s were an unusual time of rapid change for guitar design. In the 1980s, the classic shapes of the ’60s and ’70s had fallen by the wayside, replaced by sleek shredders axes. Where once guitar players demanded elegant carved maple tops and fixed bridges, the typical guitarist of the ’80s wanted high-output humbuckers, Floyd Rose tremolos, 24 frets and flash. Lots of flash. Slash helped turn things around with his low-slung Gibson Les Pauls after Appetite For Destruction hit, but for the most part, day-glo finishes and pointy curves were where it was at. In the early ’90s, that all changed. By the end of 1992 shredding was out, ’80s-style hard rock was really out, and the guitars that made that music were really, really out. Players were, instead, seeking vintage – or at least retro-styled – guitars in keeping with the alternative aesthetic. Nobody wanted thin necks, hot pickups, whammy bars or reverse headstocks. As a result, a lot of innovative guitars never quite got their shot. Once such instrument was the Gibson M-III.

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NEWS: New George Lynch album ‘Kill All Control’

Now this is cool. George Lynch is releasing a new solo album featuring multiple guest vocalists (like his most excellent Sacred Groove album) as well as a sequel to his signature instrumental track “Mr Scary.” Head here to hear the track “Wicked Witch.”


George Lynch, the former lead guitarist for Dokken and leader of his own rock bands Lynch Mob and Souls Of We, will release his eleventh solo album in nearly twenty years, “Kill All Control”, on June 21 via Rocket Science, Inc.

What began as a follow-up to the Souls Of We debut, “Let The Truth Be Known”, George quickly realized the project was taking on a new direction with the addition of Powerman 5000 drummer Adrian Ost. While writing with Souls Of We singer London LeGrand (Brides Of Destruction), George noted, “The creative juices flowed and we wrote most of the CD in 10 days.”

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NEWS: Christopher Cross releases ‘Doctor Faith’



The voice rides high. Melodic. Beautiful. Everything everybody ever loved about Christopher Cross is on display in the 13 exquisite tracks of Doctor Faith, being released May 10 by Eagle Rock Entertainment (through earMusic). It marks the first all-new studio offering from Christopher Cross in 12 years.

Thirty-one years, five Grammys and an Oscar later, Doctor Faith is a dramatic return. His songwriting has never been sharper, more observant. His singing is better than it’s ever been. The production, for the first time, is guitar-oriented, rather than keyboard-oriented. Michael McDonald is on hand to give voice to the title character.

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NEWS: Six String Bliss Releases ‘The British Are Coming’


Worldwide Launch – Monday, May 9th, 2011

Six String Bliss is many things: it’s a website, it’s the longest-running guitar podcast on the internet, and it’s a community. What started out as a one-off idea, putting out an album of listener-submitted Christmas songs in December 2007(A Blissful Christmas, Episode 92), became a more ambitious undertaking in November 2008 with the release of Stay Tuned (Episode 125), when the decision was made to release a new album twice a year. Since then they’ve released Big Screen Bliss in March of 2009 (Episode 142), Scales of Horror in October 2009 (Episode 169), What The Fuzz in May of 2010 (Episode 187) and Trans Genred in October 2010 (Episode 210). The newest offering, The British Are Coming, is so huge that it is being released in three installments; Volume I comes out on May 9th (Episode 236), Volume II follows on May 12th, and Volume III concludes the trilogy on May 16th. Each Album will be available as a free download from the Six String Bliss website ( the day after the podcast airs.

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