COOL GEAR ALERT: Epiphone ‘1984’ Explorer EX

I’ve always wondered why there was no Gibson or Epiphone pickguardless Explorer with EMGs. Seemed logical. Gibson used to make an Explorer with no pickguard and a black headstock way back in the day, and a certain famous thrash guitarist used one of these with EMG active humbuckers in place of the stock passive humbuckers.

The 1984 Explorer EX has EMG 81 and 85 (neck and bridge) pickups. The body and neck are mahogany, the fretboard is rosewood, scale length is 24.75″. Available colours are Ebony and Alpine White.

Click here for more info. More pics below.

3 Replies to “COOL GEAR ALERT: Epiphone ‘1984’ Explorer EX”

  1. Without wanting to flog a dead horse – THIS IS WANT THE DETHKLOK GUITAR SHOULD HAVE BEEN!!!

    That said, very nice – I’ve got two explorers in parts awaiting a repaint and one is going to end up VERY close to the above…

  2. James Hetfield is dying to have a Gibson signature model. He’s playing on Gibsons as much his contracts allows.
    I can’t believe he has been turned down by Gibson and throwing this out.

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