COOL GEAR ALERT: Seymour Duncan 35 guitar

Aside from being a legendary pickup designer, Seymour Duncan is also one hell of a guitarist. Often he can be seen playing his famed ‘TeleGib,’ a guitar he built for Jeff Beck in the early 70s. That guitar is the inspiration for the Seymour Duncan 35 limited edition guitar. A collaboration of Seymour W. Duncan, Seymour Duncan’s resident luthier and vice president of products Frank Falbo, and guitar builders Larrivee, The instrument includes a few updates, upgrades and modernizations.

The ash body is a direct trace of a 1953 ‘blackguard’ Fender Telecaster from the collection of author Nacho Banos. In a nice nod to the original TeleGib, the humbucker cavities are routed on top of traditional Telecaster cavities. The neck pocket – a key factor in string energy transfer – is deeper than the current spec, matching the original spec from 1950 to 1955.

The neck has a 1 3/4″ nut and is modelled after Seymour’s guitar. Oh and get this: The nut itself is made of 35,000 year old fossilized mastodon ivory. Now that’s rock! The electronics include Bourns pots and Luxe capacitors, while the pickups are a set of Seymour Duncan Custom Shop JB and Jazz ‘Concept’ humbuckers, reproductions of the prototype pickups Seymour wound for Jeff Beck’s guitar long before there was a Seymour Duncan company. In the supplied tweed guitar case you’ll find a set of Seymour Duncan Zephyr Silver premium pickups, in case you’d like to swap the JB and Jazz concept pickups out (using Seymour Duncan’s Liberator Quick Pickup Change System). Liberator volume pot is 250kOhms as installed, but there’s also a spare control plate with a 500kOhms Liberator volume pot if you’d like more treble.

The guitar is only available from select Seymour Duncan retailers. Dominant Music (who you can follow on Facebook here) offers this message:

This is a new hand-built custom instrument in a vintage-modified form pioneered by Seymour W. Duncan over 35 years ago. In celebration of Seymour Duncan’s 35th anniversary as the premier builder of pick- ups for guitar and bass. Only 35 of these remarkable numbered and signed, custom-crafted instruments for connoisseurs of tone will be crafted for the entire world.

Delivered with 2 sets of Pickups this is a very very special guitar steeped in the history of 2 of the most famous names in Rock : Jeff Beck & Seymour W Duncan.

World Wide shipping is available on this guitar with full insurance. We currently have in Stock guitar # 4 of 35.

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