COOL SITE ALERT: A Little Bit Of Cheek

Some of you, like me, are metal-blasting, riff-flinging, axe-slinging Metal Dads. The Metal Dad is an often-overlooked aspect of society – the kind of guy who takes his 4-year-old along to the House Of Blues to see Ozzy Osbourne and Slash in the flesh, or who explains to their kid the finer points of the difference between Van Halen and Van Hagar on the way to kindergarten. A Little Bit Of Cheek has a fine selection of gear for Metal Dads to adorn their Metal Kids in, including some rather metal cot quilts, pacifiers, clothing, and rock-oriented rewards charts. Start their metal education early, I say!

NEWS: Megadeth’s Chris Broderick talks Jackson sig

Remember that sweet Jackson Chris Broderick signature model unveiled at NAMM? Well Chris has gone into much more detail about the guitar on his blog here. I was very interested to read about the custom-wound DiMarzio Fundamental pickups that will be featured in the guitar.

“Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the interest in my guitars. They are in the production phase of the 6 strings so those should be out soon, as for the 7 we are working out the details of the Floyd low pro bridge (this will be the only 7 to have it) and it should be going into production runs any time now. For the record it will not have a barrel jack (I never liked them), it will have a Fender style jack plate on the side of the guitar that you can reverse if you like. Here is a list of specs on the guitar, I hope you guys like it.

Available to the public in a 7 and 6 string version exactly like the ones I play. I wanted this because first and foremost I primarily play and feel at home on the 7 string but play my 6 strings on stage with Megadeth.

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