Check out the latest programmable pedalboard from Digitech. Nice display, huh? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a multi effects unit with a display that big. Wait a minute, is that… nah, it couldn’t be… wait, it is! Yup, the iPB-10 actually holds an iPad, clutching the groundbreaking Apple device to its bosom like, well, like I did when I got my iPad a few weeks ago. The iPB-10 also includes an effects loop and an amp loop with ground switch, so you don’t need to sacrifice the loop feature to the ‘four cable method’ – you can hook your preamp into the unit via the amp loop while also using the effects loop as it was intended. Nice touch!


The iPB-10 allows you to create your ultimate pedalboard, all on your iPad. Design a pedalboard by simply dragging and dropping up to 10 different pedals, in any order, to each pedalboard. You can even add an amp and cabinet to each setup. With 87 different pedals, 54 amps, and 26 cabinets to choose from, your options are virtually unlimited. Simply swipe your finger across the iPad to rearrange your pedals, turn them on and off, or to adjust their knobs.

Traditional multi-effects have given you the flexibility to change the entire configuration of your signal chain with a single footswitch. The iPB-10 brings the concept of presets to a pedalboard. This allows you to save 100 of your favorite pedalboards with the touch or your finger, and instantly recall them with the stomp of your foot. You can have a different pedalboard for each gig, set, song, or even switch pedalboards within a song.

The iPB-Nexus app is the perfect way to build and control your pedalboard. Using the simple and intuitive touch screen controls of the iPad, iPB-Nexus makes designing your setup for the iPB-10 Programmable Pedal board easy. Add, arrange, and adjust your pedals with a few simple gestures of your finger.

iPB-10 Rear Panel Features

  • 1/4” guitar input
  • 1/4″ amp loop with ground lift switch
  • 1/4″ effects loop
  • Stereo 1/4″ line output with Amp/Mixer switch
  • Output level
  • Stereo XLR outputs with ground lift switch
  • 1/8” headphone output
  • 1/4″ external footswitch control
  • USB port for audio streaming
  • DC power input
  • Power switch

2 Replies to “COOL GEAR ALERT: DigiTech iPB-10”

  1. I’m not certain of the wisdom of putting an iPad in a device that places it near feet, spilled beverages, dripping sweat, etc. Then again, it might be aimed more at the home recording market than as a gigging unit.

    I am totally jealous that you have an iPad, though. I already have an iPhone which I really dig, but I want the iPad to run synthesizers, sequencers, etc. Speaking of which, Korg should bring out a Kaossilator app for the iPad. I like my Kaossilator (I need to play with it more), but the iPad could do everything it does with much better pitch control, more looping capabilities, etc. and the ability to tweak/download sounds. Bluh, tangent.

    Anyway, this DigiTech unit is an interesting concept – it’ll be interesting to see what its price is. I’m guessing it shouldn’t be too bad, since it seems to use the iPad as a lot of the brains, adding foot controllers to it for use while playing.

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