COOL GEAR ALERT: Ibanez BB9 Bottom Booster

Have you seen the latest issue of Mixdown yet? it’s a huge pedal mini-review special (seriously, I reviewed like 60 pedals for this issue). Not everything could fit, and while I reviewed a few Ibanez pedals (the Jet Driver and TS9B Bass Tube Screamer), the BB9 review had to be cut. But never fear: you can read it here!

The BB9 Bottom Booster seems to occupy its own little niche. Not quite tone shaper, not quite overdrive or booster pedal, it works best when either giving some extra oomph to a tube preamp, or beefing up the output of a distortion pedal. Controls include Gain, Tone and Level, but it’s not quite as clear-cut as that simple control array might indicate. The Bottom Booster can really fatten up a tone (whether you’re looking for loads of bottom end or just more overall thickness), giving heft and wallop to single coils or extra darkness and weight to humbuckers. It can give more gain – a LOT more gain – to your overdrive, or more fullness to your clean tone. Whatever it does and however you use it, it feels like it’s a true part of your rig rather than a pedal sitting on top of it. It could almost be seen as a secret weapon to push a not-quite-there amp over the threshold to tonal nirvana, whether that means additional gain or just ‘more’ tone.

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