My lesson on seven-string primer

As many of you probably know (maybe), I’m a 7-string nut. I currently play three 7-strings, and every time I pick up my first one I think about the tricky learning curve when I wanted to expand beyond just chugging out on the lowest two strings (which was pretty soon since I bought it to shred like Vai on Passion & Warfare, not to be a nu-metal dude). This week my feature on is a lesson, an introduction to 7-strings, including a few little hints and tricks for playing stuff that’s not just chugga-chugga-djent-djent-djent.

Here’s a snippet:

“Generally, the technique for seven-string guitar is much the same as for six-string guitar, but it can take a few days for muscle memory to adjust to the additional string and the extra fretboard width that goes with it. Many players find that the easiest way to adjust is to spend a few days exploring the lowest two strings by chugging out on low power chord riffs in the standard seven string tuning, B E A D G B E. This helps orient the fingers and ears towards the expanded range of the seven-string. Below is a simple power chord riff (with a few well-placed palm-muted open note chugs) to introduce the lower register.”

CLICK HERE to read the full article, complete with pics of me riffing out on a Gibson 7-string Explorer thanks to the kind folks at Gallin’s in Fitzroy, who let me come down and rattle the windows.

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