Making Mistakes Makes You a Better Guitar Player

Here’s my latest for the Guitar World website. It’s a lesson column kinda thing about how to accept your mistakes and learn from them, instead of being so freaking scared of them that you keep making them. And the image that goes along with the article – of me rocking out onstage in The Upperhand with my buddy Rohan Drew on bass there – is representative of learning from mistakes because I won’t dye a blond streak in my hair again.

It’s A Long Way To The Shops… An AC/DC Tour Of Melbourne

A couple of weeks ago I took to the streets of Melbourne armed with a camera and Google to find locations around town that played a part in AC/DC’s history for a article. I uncovered some pretty interesting stuff. Did you know that AC/DC were booked in for five gigs in the ‘Miss Melbourne’ department of Myer’s department store? WHAT?

Here’s the full article, but below is a snippet.

AC/DC’s contribution to Melbourne was recognized by the city in 2004 when it renamed Corporation Lane “ACDC Lane”. Home to another legendary rock venue, the Cherry Bar, then Lord Mayor John So opened the renamed lane by declaring, “As the song says, there is a highway to hell. But this is a laneway to heaven. Let us rock!” before bagpipers serenaded the crowd with a rendition of “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll).” AC/DC-themed street art adorns the lane, while the Cherry Bar is known as a hotspot for star spotting after a show whenever a touring band is in town. AC/DC-influenced Oz rockers, Airbourne, even name-checked the venue in their song “Fat City” with the lyrics “Midnight bite at the Cherry, so sweet is the juice.”

1982 Doobie Brothers gig on DVD, CD



The Doobie Brothers Live At The Greek Theatre 1982 has been recently released on CD and DVD through Eagle Rock Entertainment.
The rafters of Berkeley, California’s famed Greek Theater shook with rock’n’roll fervor as the final date of the final tour of hometown heroes The Doobie Brothers brought many in the crowd that night to tears. Billed as their “Farewell Tour,” the band, guitarist/vocalist Pat Simmons, keyboardist/vocalist Michael McDonald, drummer Keith Knudson, guitarist/violinist/harmonica player John McFee, saxophonist/keyboardist/flautist Cornelius Bumpus, drummer/percussionist Chet McCracken, bassist Willie Weeks, and conga player Bob LaKind, pulled out all the stops on a set that revisited their every era.
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