COOL GEAR ALERT: Gibson Midtown Standard with Bigsby

Now, you probably know that I’m a bit of a Bigsby geek (and you can see my article on how to set up this notoriously fickle tremolo here), so I’m pretty stoked about the existence of this guitar: the Gibson Midtown Standard with Bigsby. I know, right? “What do you mean you’re into Bigsbys and F-holes, Peter? You’re into pointy guitars, 7-strings, flouro paint jobs and high output pickups!” Well, yeah, sometimes, but the first guitars I ever lusted after were Bigsby-loaded F-hole-totin’ old-timey axes, and the Midtown Standard with Bigsby captures that vibe quite nicely, thank you very much.
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Buy the Gibson Midtown Standard with Bigsby at Musician’s Friend in red or ebony


“What if you married the best attributes of Gibson’s classic archtops together with the innovative solid-body designs Gibson USA currently offers? Taking a cue from our past, Gibson USA mixes historic design with modern styling to come up with the ultimate hybrid Gibson, a new breed of electric guitar that offers ultimate “Tonestry.” This new Gibson recipe creates a whole new level of sonic versatility, resulting in an instrument that’s perfect for an amazingly wide range of musical genres. With a trimmed-down and more player friendly body size that still emulates the best of Gibson tradition, built with solid-wood construction rather than a laminated top and back, the Midtown Standard with Bigsby® truly embodies the optimum marriage of solidbody and archtop—and its twin ‘57 Classic humbuckers, top-notch hardware, and Bigsby® vibrato tailpiece are just the icing on the cake.”